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  • 2012 May 29 – Amber’s HS Graduation

    Here are the photos of Amber’s High School Graduation.

  • 2012 May 18 – Graduation at George Mason

    Here’s the photos from Leah’s graduation at George Mason.  This is just a few of the photos we took.  I wish we had a better camera, but overall they turned out pretty good considering how far away we were and the lighting in the building.  If you would like to get a copy of all […]

  • 2012 May 4 – Amber College Graduation

    These are the photos from Amber’s College graduation, which amazingly enough is about two weeks before her High School graduation. The last few photos are of one of my employees, Tammy, who also happened to be graduating at the same time. .

  • 2011 June 13 – Universal

    While we were here, we went back to Universal IOA and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because this park has one of the few rides that Charlene will ride. While here, we slipped over to the Universal Studios half and rode the Simpsons ride, since that is also one that Charlene will go on. […]

  • IT Softball

    I was able to go watch the IT softball game last night, and since I have recently picked up a new camera, I figured I would grab some action shots to test out the camera. I’ve only had it a week, so don’t expect miracles. 😉 I’m only posting the good photos. I’ll save the […]

  • Moose Eye Surgery

    Moose had eye surgery this week to fix the skin around his eyes that was growing into his eye, so he’s had the joy of wearing an Elizabethan collar. So far, it’s Moose 2, collar 0. He broke the first one and ripped out a stitch by making a face first dive into the ground […]

  • Kings Dominion 2004

    Kings Dominion with Becky and Patrick.

  • Cedar Point 2004

    Cedar fair in may of 2004.