2012 Feb 29 – Magic Kingdom

We couldn’t resist running down to Florida for the Magic Kingdom’s 24 hour event associated with Leap Day.  We didn’t make it the whole 24 hours, but I guess that’s just a sign we’re getting old.

Below are the pictures we took.  I haven’t really gone through them yet, so there’s probably some bad ones in there and I’ll go through them again later to remove some of the redundant ones.  It was super foggy in the morning, so in some of them you can’t even see the castle, which was a cool effect.   From the train station, it looked like the castle wasn’t even there until after a few hours after the park was open.  I quickly learned I couldn’t use the flash because the water vapor in the air would show up in the photos.

As soon as the sun rose, though, it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  It was warm without being too hot, and for the most part it wasn’t crowded because it was a workday.  It didn’t really get crowded until after 4 PM when the locals started coming to the park.


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