2011 Sep 22 – California Trip Day 7

Disney’s California Adventure

This is Disneyland’s neighboring park.  It’s kind of funny, because it’s almost like a combination of  several of the parks in Florida because it has several rides that are found in different parks in Florida.  (Well, technically, the Florida parks have rides like here since these were first.)  It’s a little more extreme than Disneyland, but is still geared primarily towards kids.  The big roller coaster was closed for maintenance, so we didn’t get to ride that but there are enough other things to do that we didn’t get to everything and will have to go back when we come back to revisit Disneyland.  I loved the talking Mr Potato Head animatronic in the queue line for Toy Story Mania.  He’s computer controlled and picks you out to talk to you by the color of your clothes and whether or not you are wearing a hat.  It’s really amazing technology, plus it keeps you entertained while you’re waiting on the ride.

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