2011 Sep 21 – California Trip Day 6


What can I say.  It’s Disneyland. Having been a passholder at Disneyworld for years, I was surprised by the number of things that were different, yet the same.  That being said, the differences for some thing were really a surprise for me.  The biggest surprise to me was the castle.  I really expected it to be bigger.  The other thing that was surprising to me was things like the difference in Space Mountain.  The ride vehicle was totally different.  You sit side by side instead of front and back.  Also, it was significantly smoother than the one in Florida and didn’t have as many drops.  They also dress it up for halloween by making it the Ghost Galaxy edition, with ghosts projected onto the ceiling of the ride as you go through it.  If anything, Matterhorn is closer to Space Mountain in florida than Space mountain is.  It’s a small world is partially outdoors, which makes sense with the weather in California.  We could easily spend a week exploring this park and I’m sure we’ll be back in a couple of years to do just this.  There were so many things I wanted to do that we either sped through or glossed over.


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