2011 Sep 20 – California Trip Night 5

Disneyland Hotel

I must say, when I drove up to the hotel, I was less than impressed.  At first glance, it looked like just a big square tower of a hotel.  Coming into the lobby, it was nice, but it really shined when we got to our room.  We were on the 9th floor of the adventure tower, which overlooks downtown disney.  to the left in the distance is Disneyland, to the right in the distance is Disney’s California Adventure.  The room number has a jungle cruise motif, and the room itself has an amazing headboard that left us wondering if we could take it apart and bring home with us.  The entire wall facing the parks was one big floor to ceiling window, and from the 9th floor you had a gorgeous view.  I would like to see this hotel again when we have more time to look around.  It was undergoing a pretty extensive remodel, so a good portion of the resort area around it was blocked off by construction fences.  If you’re ever at Disneyland, this is definitely a great place to stay.

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