2011 Sep 20 – California Trip Day 5

Knott’s Berry Farm

This was a park where I wish I had more time and I wish it were a different time of the year.  There is a lot of stuff to do and it’s a pretty big park, but because we went in the off season, some of the things we would have like to have seen were closed.  To start with, their big coaster, Xcelerator, was closed for maintenance.  Then, their stagecoach races were closed, too.  On the flip side, they have some really unique rides.  The Pony Express is unlike any other coaster I’ve ever ridden and is a hoot.  Jaguar, while not anything impressive from a casual glance, is really a well balanced coaster that’s a lot of fun.  It wove in and around the other rides and was one of my favorite coasters from the trip.  Knotts already has their Windseeker ride, so I got a preview of what is going to be coming to Carowinds next year.  Again, while not extreme, it’s such a peaceful ride and you feel like you’re just flying above the park.  Montezooma’s revenge was very reminiscent of White Lightning, the defunct coaster from Carowinds.  Lastly, the Sierra Sidewinder was everything a spinning coaster should be.  Some of the ones I have been on were rough, this one was silky smooth and made you want to ride it over and over.

If i had to do it over again, the one thing I would have skipped would have been the restaurant.  They made such a big deal about how their chicken was world famous, and mine was just awful.  It certainly looked like chicken, but it was just a dried out husk of what could have been a great meal.  I’m not kidding when I say the gas station up the road from my house serves better fried chicken.  (In all fairness, the gas station serves very very good fried chicken; but still  for the price we paid, the food should have been better.)


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