2011 Sep 19 – California Trip Day 4

Universal Studios Hollywood

As a general rule, while this is a nice park, it’s nothing compared to the ones in Florida. The only exception to this rule is the studio tour. The studio tour here is much much superior to the one in florida. It’s longer, has more interesting things to look at in that TV shows are filmed there, and has a really cool 3D King Kong portion where he shakes the whole ride vehicle and you’re basically in the movie. That was exceptionally well done.

Outside of that, the food was awful, even by theme park standards. One of the pictures is of a mystery desert. It was so new it wasn’t on the menu, and none of the people working in the restaurant even know what it was. They called it mango something, but it definitely wasn’t mango. It was just this purple blob of nastiness. The park was not very clean considering how empty it was. Every restaurant you went to had crumbs and stuff on the tables, and the restrooms were scary.

The rides that are on both parks are either the same as Florida, or the Florida version is better. The mummy ride is an excellent example of this. The version in Florida is longer, has a twist ending, and has better special effects and flame effects. I think the queue was better in Florida, too, but the queue in California wasn’t bad.

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