2011 September 17 – California Trip Day 2.

This was the second day of our California trip. We started out first thing in the morning by heading into San Francisco and working our way across the city to the Golden Gate bridge. We stopped at the viewing area for a few pictures, then headed over it on our way to Muir Woods, which have the closest redwoods to San Francisco. What’s most impressive about them other than their physical size and presence is the fact that these aren’t even the tall redwoods. These are the coastal variety, which don’t get as tall as the ones that are further inland. (Unfortunately, those are several hours inland, so we won’t have an opportunity this trip to see those.) I really wish I had more time to walk amongst them. They just dwarf anything like that you’ve ever experienced before.

After we left here, we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which is an interesting park. It has a good mix of animals and rides, so it’s a combination theme park / zoo / aquarium. They had a killer whale show, ‘Shouka’, spelled just differently enough from ‘Shamu’ to avoid lawsuits. They also had lions, tigers, cougars, butterflies, sea lions, etc. It was a really nice park. Far better than the six flags park in Georgia. It was clean and well kept, and the people were all friendly. the only thing that could be improved would be that the big cats were mostly kept behind fences, which make photography challenging.

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