2011 July 23 – Carowinds Coasterstock

These photos are from the morning part of the annual coasterstock event at Carowinds.  It’s so hot that we came back to the room to wait out the worst of the heat and we’ll go back to the park tonight after it cools off.  (Who am I kidding, it’s not going to be cool tonight, either.)

The let the 50 or so people who bought tickets to this event in at 7:30 to ride some of the rides before the park opened.  (Hurler, Carolina Cyclone, Ricochet, and the Xtreme Skyflyer.)  Tracy rode these (Some repeatedly) and it really did feel like the movie Vacation.  Because there were so few people there, you were often the only person on the ride at a time.  All that was missing was the moose out front telling us the park was closed.

After the park opened at 10, Tracy rode Intimidator, and then it was time for lunch which featured a question and answer session from Bart Kinzel (VP/General Manager) and Jerry Helms (VP of Operations).  Among the questions were those about new rides, but of course they wouldn’t really give us the scoop.  Someone even asked how many trash cans were in the park.  (They didn’t know, but they did know how many they bought at $300 apiece this season.  It really has helped, too.  The park was very clean and tidy.)