2011 June 12 – Busch Gardens

Here are gobs of photos from our trip to Busch Gardens. The new Cheetah Hunt coaster is difficult to describe. In a way it’s fast, but in a way it’s not. Every acceleration run took place right before a hill, so you gained speed, but immediately lost it. They were going for how a cheetah prowls, with extreme bursts of speed followed by periods of inactivity, which they replicated by the speed run followed by a slow circling in the figure eight section of track up in the air, then it was back up to speed with the drop.

They still need to work out the technical bugs. It was up, then down, then up, then down all morning, then it worked for a while, and then it was down for what had to be an hour and a half late in the afternoon.

I still like Montu and sheikra more, but that’s because those just feel faster. Especially Montu.

The new Cheetah exhibit is very well done, but that’s typical of Busch Gardens. when they do something, they do it right.