2011 May 24 – Universal IOA

Another day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The first thing you have to do in Islands of Adventure is run for the Harry Potter section and ride The Forbidden Journey. The crowd gets thick quick, and within 30 minutes of the park being open to the public, the line is an hour long for that one ride. the good thing to that is the line for every other ride in the park is short. The dragon challenge (formerly Dueling Dragons) coaster line was between 5 and 15 minutes all day long. The incredible Hulk line was only about 15 minutes all day long.

If you want to look around in the Harry Potter section, you’re better off staying in one of the Universal Hotels. they let you into the park an hour early, so this gives you time to look around and do stuff before the general public comes in and the park fills up. One day when we were leaving, (I forgot which day) we were walking out of that section heading back towards Seuss land and it was like a wave of people were going the other direction to Harry Potter. There had to be over 200 kids from one school (You could tell they were a group because they all had on the same T-shirt) and an additional 200 people are so just headed that way.