May 20th – Magic Kingdom

On the 20th, we went to the Magic Kingdom and had a blast.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were a little high, but tolerable. (Lots of kids.  Don’t people let their kids go to school?)  Fantasyland is getting reworked, so I’ve got a few photos of that, but there wasn’t a good vantage point to get photos over the fence other than Dumbo, and the line on that ride was long enough that I didn’t want to wait for that.  The concept art looks great for it.

The additions to the Haunted Mansion in the queue line are really cool. It’s little things like these that make Disney what it is. I can’t say that I was thrilled with the new animations for the hitchhiking ghosts, though. It’s more interactive, but I remember the originals from my childhood so vividly, that it’s just not the same, hence, I don’t like it.

For the 21st, we’re getting old. That’s all I can say. We went to downtown disney in the morning, came back to rest a bit, and ended up sleeping for 5 hours or so. And this is the SECOND day of our trip! We don’t usually have a down day for 4 or 5 days into the trip. That’s OK, though, because we will be well rested for whatever park we end up at tomorrow. (We haven’t decided yet where we are going.)