Sound of Gravity

First, a little back story on this.  We were recently in the hospital with Charlene’s mom.  On the day they discharged her, my laptop suffered from sudden deceleration syndrome, ie…  Charlene accidentally dropped it.  It actually did pretty well, when you get right down to it.  It cracked off the back corner of the LCD panel where it hit and it chipped a nice gouge out of the floor in the hospital room.  The hinge on that side is a little wobbly now, too.  It still boots up just fine, and it had accidental damage coverage, so I can call Dell and have them fix it without a problem.

The funny part is that we have audio of the whole thing.  The nurse had come in and was giving discharge instructions, so Charlene was using the phone to record the conversation and it was still running when the laptop made it’s swan dive.  Oh… and Charlene gets serious geek cred for the Battlestar Galactica curse at 28 seconds into the tape.  🙂   To hear it for yourself, just take a listen:  Gravity Happens.