Moose Eye Surgery

Moose had eye surgery this week to fix the skin around his eyes that was growing into his eye, so he’s had the joy of wearing an Elizabethan collar. So far, it’s Moose 2, collar 0. He broke the first one and ripped out a stitch by making a face first dive into the ground while on a walk at mom’s house, and he took out the second one by running into a door at a high rate of speed this evening. Fortunately, we’re going by the vet tomorrow to see if the stitches are ready to come out and then we can lose the collar.

The first couple of photos are him before the surgery, then afterwards with his collar, then taking a walk at Wanamaker county park in North Charleston. (This is especially funny because he goes from standing/sitting at 1/2 mile, to laying flat on his side at 3/4 of a mile. He is definitely not an endurance dog.)